Start the week off right!

Over the last couple of days, I’ve done a bit of research on the “work from home” topic. I’ve learned a couple of interesting points, and if you are like me and work from home, I would love to see what your experience has taught you.

  1. Get dressed and clean up, just as you would if you would be going to an actual office outside of your home.
  2. Handle your most tedious activities early in the day. Preferably before 2pm! According to a blog entry I read, research has shown that you’re “willpower” actually diminishes during the day.
  3. Avoid distractions, (including: refreshing your Facebook feed). Sometimes when we get overwhelmed, our brain goes into neutral. My best solution for this is getting up, stepping away from the computer. Grabbing a glass of water and taking a few minutes to refresh.

What are your thoughts? Any additional suggestions?


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